Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The 50 men who really understand women

"Women are women, and hooray for that".

No Galliano, you've got it wrong!

I was reading the Observer Woman Magazine, and was quite frankly, disappointed with their list of supposed "new-age" men who get how women work. On the whole, it portrays a very simple version of women - that our only interests in this world are things like sex, clothes, shoes and celebrities. While these may be our common outlets from work and stress (I confess I have, on occasion, been guilty of peeking through the pages of Heat magazine, though have actually never bought a copy), we do enjoy a much wider range of interests. I was particularly annoyed because the list was voted by women themselves. I would appeal to those women to think again about what image they are giving the female sex. My wonderful, and truely "new-age" boyfriend also pointed out that the article seems to list men who tend to give a very male impression of how women should be. It even includes Alastair Carruthers, the inventor of Botox!! "Botox will reset the position of the eyebrows, so that you can have a more positive look" - yeah, by making you look permanently startled more like! Perhaps the most disappointing of all is the fact that the article cites women as the most avid readers of that racist rubbish we call the Daily Mail. Please! Tell me it isn't so!!!


Benjamin Partridge said...

Was I on the list?

I know what women want and it can be measured in inches.


Spitting Mad said...

Well said. We think you need Observer Woman Makes Me Spit in your life! Drop by and say hi.